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The ho listic haircut



This approach to hair was given to us over 5000 years ago.  It is based on the theory of the 5 elements which are the fundamentals of Chinese medicine.The memories resulting from the collective, the history of your life, your personal or family karma are inscribed at different levels of your being. Situations of conflict, fear, suffering ... can awaken memories buried in our body.

Then discomfort appears as unexplained sadness, anxiety, illness, because of repressed emotions.

The point of this is to become aware of certain confused situations which create energy blockages in us.  By working on them through this session but also by yourself in ways that you feel are the best for you, blockages will be lightened, released and transcended.

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la seance

The session lasts between 1h15 / 30 following a very specific protocol which consists of the interview, the reading of the hair, the cut in 2 steps then the feedback on. 

The session

The steps...

the diagnosis

And yes, the hair is an open book written with its own language, the mirror of our soul!  

The reading consists of analyzing the hair in general, the movement, the quality, the flow, the implantation… everything has a meaning. 

Which will give us an idea of ​​the patient's condition. 

It's good to know that the information revealed by the soul and the body on the day of the session will be the ones that you’re ready to hear and accept.

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the ritual

It is performed using a razor whose vibration will travel through the hair and hit the skull. Then this vibration will spread throughout the body along the meridians and then allows the release of memories, physical and energetic  blockages.

the Liberation

While remaining connected to its blood vessel, hair is the only part of your body that can move 360 ° in its matrix, but for a thousand  reasons it is often stuck in one direction. By cutting and moving the hair in all directions, it allows the hair to be free again, which will restore suppleness, shine and manageability. It is also in this phase that we will shape the cut that you desire. 



Remi Delest


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Thank you !

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