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This approach to hair was given to us over 5000 years ago.  It is based on the theory of the 5 elements which are the fundamentals of Chinese medicine.

The memories resulting from the collective, the history of your life, your personal or family karma are inscribed at different levels of your being. Situations of conflict, fear, suffering ... can awaken memories buried in our body. Then discomfort appears as unexplained sadness, anxiety, illness, because of repressed emotions.

The point of this is to become aware of certain confused situations which create energy blockages in us.  By working on them through this session but also by yourself in ways that you feel are the best for you, blockages will be lightened, released and transcended.


On a physical level, this treatment helps to revive the entire capillary system from blood circulation to the arrector pili muscles which are located at the root of each hair. Their contraction has the effect of straightening them vertically (what happens when we have goosebumps).

The very day of the cut your roots will be more voluminous, your hair will be more flexible and shiny. After several sessions you would notice more dense and robust hair.

On a subtle point, these vibrations will release old memories and deep blockages. They will rebalance, re-energize and restart the energy flow of your Being.

This treatment aims to guide you and support you in discovering, becoming aware and accepting your own transformation.

Also it is important to note that this treatment is meant to empower YOU. 

YOU are your greatest teacher and only through self awakening will you have the power to transform your own destiny.

My role is to accompanied you there.

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am i?

My name is Rémi, born in the south of France, I live between Marseille and Sydney.

After 14 years of experience, I like to think of hairdressing as a hobbit, more than a job. Cutting the hair remains a pleasure and a joy.

After participating in various shows and contests in the hairdressing industry, and working with well known artisans, my point of view on hair has evolved. I slowly became interested in the world of wellness and alternative medicine and looked for a way to combine hairdressing with a “holistic” approach to the being. 

I crossed paths with Malika Saint-Tacussel, creator of the concept of the Mnemoénergetique® haircut, an surprising hair-energy fusion. This meeting drastically changed my approach to hair, the client / patient and the beauty industry in general.


Hair for me is the biggest part of our style. We can play with them in different ways. Shape and color allow us to explore our personality, to experience it at different times in our life. It gives us excitement, confidence and self-love.

My experience has shown me that clients do not longer style their hair for fun, they think they must "look good" for certain reasons (work, responsibility, image, husband etc.). 

So we try to have the best apparence as much as possible for others whatever we have to do on our hair with more or less strong colorings, chemical straightening, brushings every day and many others. And, because of these treatments the hair deteriorates, becomes in bad condition, is less and less manageable.

Besides taking more time and money, the hair has also lost its power which takes away our confidence, our sensuality, our natural beauty and brings us anxiety, stress and low self-esteem.

About 60% of women around the world are unhappy with their hair. We can imagine the impact of this on the environment, on the physical and mental health of people and humanity.

Over 55% would love to have someone else's hair!

Now, can you imagine a world with these women re-appropriating their image, their confidence and their power?

What could be more powerful, beautiful and radiant than a woman who accepts, loves and embraces herself without needing artifice?

It doesn't mean that she can't ... or shouldn't ... just she doesn't need it to make her feel good.

So how do you do it?

Just keep doing what you're doing but now do it with awareness.

Ask yourself: does this bring joy?  Is it good for me?

Being aware of what we are doing helps us make the decision that is right for us. Not to mention that what is right today may not be right tomorrow.

It is therefore a work of constant questioning that aims to be sure to make the choice that is right for us.

The way we treat our hair has more impact on us than we think.

A simple hairstyle opens thousands of different doors and horizons.

Now my skills are no longer there to make you look like an ideal dictated by the society and the fashion industry but to accompanied, helping and supporting you on your journey.

It is often said what happens outside is a reflection of the inside, so we must not forget the actions we do outside have as much an impact on our interior.

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