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All the services I offer are cutting services, and although their approach differs, they are suitable for all hair types and will all benefit from the same quality of attention and finish.

The only thing that will change will be the process.


Just like in life, the most important thing is not the destination, but the journey.

The Mnémoénergétique® 

The Mnemoenergetic cut, based on the principles of Tao medicine, is carried out with precision and delicacy using a razor. In addition to revitalizing the scalp and your hair, this ritual aims to release unbalanced emotions and rebalance the energy flow of your body. The session begins with a complete diagnosis taking into account your hair as well as your emotional, psychological and energetic state allowing you to find the cut that will best enhance you. It also includes scalp massages. The session often leaves you leaving with a feeling of well-being and relaxation similar to that provided by a massage.

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The traditional haircut

This service is a classic haircut service, without forgetting the uniqueness of each individual and their hair which deserves to be worked with care and an adapted technique.


Together, we establish a diagnosis, taking into account your hair but also your emotional, psychological and energetic state. My goal is to harmonize your hair with your entire being, reflecting who you deeply are, and allowing you to regain better self-esteem and self-confidence. Holistic cutting will be performed with traditional tools.

The physical aspect linking him with his body is an important part in personal and spiritual development.



Are you completely lost with your hair? Do you want to change but don't know what to do? You want to cut everything but you hesitate? Do you need advice? The consultation is perfect for clarifying your ideas, your questions, hair projects and directing you to the service best suited to your needs.

The hair

It is well known that hair is a conscious and unconscious way of expressing who we are. This truth is much deeper than we imagine. Hair is placed on the highest area of the human being, the head, the crown chakra, the access door to something greater than oneself. For many, hair is more than just a physical adornment; it is a symbol of strength, power, social status, eroticism, sensuality, femininity, but also virility.

Sometimes covered or shaved when all this is repressed and controlled by a system or an external person, the hair is decorated, embellished, highlighted with flowers, hairstyles or even crowns when a person is venerated. Taking care of and accepting your hair means welcoming your beauty, your power, your sovereignty. In certain civilizations and cultures, taking care of your hair means taking care of your spirituality, your connection to the divine.


My wish is to help you discover, become aware of and accept your hair but also your body in general so that you can feel radiant, aligned, sexy and at peace with the image you have of yourself - even.

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