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It is a therapy that will help the patient regain a fulfilling sex life.

Sexual disorders often have roots in our unconscious, our emotions, our beliefs, our traumas, etc.

Become aware of what is happening unconsciously to understand the patterns in which we are locked and which will create symptoms such as lack of desire, erectile dysfunction, anorgasmia, vaginismus, premature ejaculation and so many more. 'others.

Sex therapy and a space where we can talk about sexuality without taboo or shame. I am also here for prevention and education, answering and clarifying questions you may have about relationships and sexualities.


There are as many sexualities as there are people on earth. Just as hair changes according to people but also fashions, cultures, events (like wars or pandemics), eroticism, sexualities, the vision of couples are also in perpetual change.

We are bombarded with sensual and sexual images all day long with ads, social networks, magazines, films, etc. Which leads us to believe that sexualities are open, free and unbridled. However, all this remains taboo and repressed in a large part of the world and countries close to ours. We have always been told that sexuality was an act between two people, which would be heteronormative, man/woman with the aim of procreation, the survival of the species, dad & mom making a baby. Based on this principle, the simple fact of having sex for pleasure is already no longer normal, so who is normal? Person or; everyone ? The main principle of normality and far from being universal, I would say that it is an individual principle.

Aside from procreation, sexuality is cultural and societal.

It is a space where our story is told. It is also where we play as adults, it can also be the place where we can experience the divine, the oneness where our soul can heal and nourish itself.

But it is also the place of many traumas, fears, stress, for the simple reason that it is a place where our vulnerability is laid bare. To get an idea of the scale of trauma, sexual trauma is classified as the major trauma, it is the one that creates the most psychological damage.

To rediscover or find meaning in what happens in our privacy, we must understand where we come from then rethink, deconstruct, and rebuild ourselves from ourselves and not from others.

Once awareness is raised on this, it is impressive to see how much the outside world has influenced our lives and also how it still influences them today.

Go to meet your story, your shadows, your emotions, your senses, your heart and your vulnerability, reconnect with your body.

Here, in my opinion, are the keys to a light, fulfilled and luminous relationship with life.

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